A pervert who was caught red-handed photographing a little girl under the curtain as she was trying on clothes has been arrested.

It was the cries of her daughter that alerted the mother to the danger in a local shopping centre in Fuengirola on Monday.

As the young victim was undressing inside a fitting room, she noticed a man had inserted a mobile phone under the curtain and was taking pictures.

She instantly began screaming and kicked the phone away. 

When the mother arrived, she saw the perpetrator trying on the same trick with another changing room.

She called for shop security, who immediately grabbed the offender and held him while they waited for police

Once the police arrived, they took charge of the situation and informed the victims of the procedures to follow in order to file a complaint. 

The officers seized the suspect’s mobile phone and proceeded to arrest him for a crime of child pornography and a crime against privacy.


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