A Mislata farmer could end up in court after accusing Policia Local officers of stealing onions in the middle of last Saturday night.

Police say his social media claims are totally false and that they will sue him for libel ‘in defence of their honour and against the insults and slander poured out’.

The farmer created a stir on a well-known social network at the weekend which attracted thousands of shares and hundreds of outraged comments over his allegations.

He stated that he was doing some irrigation work in a field at 4.18am on Saturday when he saw vehicle lights in the middle of a track.

He said that he was surprised as he approached with his van and spotted police officers who stopped him.

The farmer alleged he saw ‘two bags full of onions’ next to the two night shift officers, who apparently told him that they had stopped to urinate and the bags just happened to be there.

He posted comments that he supposedly told them: “Where are we going to stop with this? I’ll let you know that my family eats these onions.”

A statement from the Mislata Policia Local said: “We want to clarify that the information spread via social networks is completely false and an attack against the dignity and honour of the Policia Local.”

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