TWO PEOPLE have been arrested for being part of an Alicante province drugs trafficking gang that exported marijuana mascarading as animal feed to Ireland and Sweden.

The Policia Nacional operation in association with the UK National Crime Agency and the Garda in Ireland saw a Spaniard detained in Dublin last November and 120 kilos of marijuana seized.

The drug had been put into vacuum-packed bags and then hidden amongst legal exports- mainly animal feed- which were sent from Alicante province parcel companies.

Police intercepted nearly 90 kilos of marijuana at a Torrellano company with the two seizures amounting to a street value of around €2 million.

A Spaniard with a long history of drug trafficking and growing marijuana was arrested following the Torrellano raid.

The Policia Nacional probe started after they received information about an Alicante province firm that could be dispatching around 150 kilos of marijuana to Ireland and other European countries like Sweden on a weekly basis.

The investigation is continuing to locate more members of the drug trafficking gang.


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