A 43-YEAR-OLD Chiva (Valencia) neighbour has been arrested after allegedly scamming three people over €80,000 by faking car sales. 

It is believed that his first victim, a Benetusser resident, was asked to pay €4,500 to formalise the purchase of a car that she never got. 

The accused is alleged to have later done the same thing to two Alcasser locals. 

One of the affected is said to have paid €15,000 to acquire a car he never received.

While the third victim reportedly transferred €62,500 to the accused to buy five fictional vans. 

Guardia Civil began a search and found the cheeky salesman in a hotel in Cullera, where he was staying. 

Agents found a total of €82,500 had been transferred to an account under his name. 

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