A 12-YEAR-OLD boy allegedly collaborated with an adult in a knife-point hold-up of a shop in Brenes (Sevilla). 

It is alleged they entered a Chinese pound shop with their faces covered, going straight to the till. 

The teenager is believed to have grabbed the shop assistant while intimidating her with a knife. 

Meanwhile, the adult allegedly snatched €800 from the till.

They then fled the scene, with the adult hitting the worker’s face during their escape. 

“They managed to escape by train. But we checked the shop’s CCTV and realised the adult is an infamous thief in the area. He has a long criminal record for similar offenses. They are both local to our region and we arrested the adult at his house in La Rinconada,” a Guardia Civil spokesperson has told the Olive Press

The agent continued: “The 12-year-old is a little snot that has his family and the town where he lives in despair. He is a bad character.” 

Another police source said: “The adult gave the knife to the minor and played the fool. The two of them have allied to see if they can earn money through these sort of crimes.”

Guardia Civil arrested the adult and reported the child to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged crime.

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