A MAN has been arrested after illegally entering his former partner’s Aldaia home and trying to strangle her before a failed attempt to blow up the property.

The 54-year-old Spaniard, with a criminal record, has been jailed after a court appearance.

The man kept phoning the woman last Friday and then persistently knocked on her front door.

After getting no reply, he went onto the roof of the property and using a television aerial cable as a rope, descended down on it into her balcony.

The woman tried to escape when he appeared but he grabbed her arm tightly and threw her onto a sofa where he tried to strangle her.

He then attempted to set off an explosion by unsuccessfully manipulating the safety valve of a gas butano cylinder with a knife.

The Policia Nacional said he had a lighter which he was going to use to ignite the gas.

A neighbour called the police with officers arriving just at the moment that the man was planning to escape.

He tried to shut the front door on them and there was a brief struggle where a policeman fell to the ground and was kicked by the man.

The victim was found with a wound on her right hand as well as severe neck pains and was taken to a health centre.

Evidence removed from the scene included two kitchen knives, a pair of scissors, and a cigarette lighter.


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