AN intense morning sea fog has caused traffic mayhem for commuters running late for work along the Costa del Sol. 

Poor visibility on the A-7 motorway has resulted in tailbacks up to 10 kilometres long near Fuengirola, heading towards Cádiz.

The gridlock began around 7.30am from Fuengirola to Calaburras lighthouse, where visibility was significantly reduced, just as rush hour was moving into peak time.

Other busy traffic routes that were affected included the A-355 road which connects Guadalhorce with Marbella, and the A-368 (Mijas-Fuengirola).

Costa Del Sol Fog
A cloud of sea fog and Sahara dust sweeps in over Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Credit: Walter Finch

Meanwhile, Malaga Airport was placed on pre-alert status at around 7am due to low visibility, leading to fears that incoming flights would need to be diverted.

In the end, the fog had dissipated by 9am and no holidaymakers had the start of their holiday ruined by ending up at the wrong airport.

The Costa del Sol has been plagued by sea fog over the past week due to a combination of warm air and gentle breezes coming in from the sea mixing with a slightly cooler sea surface.

These factors have worked together to create the clouds of fog, although the weather phenomenon is common in the season before summer starts.


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