A BENIDORM parrot left its owner’s home for its daily local flight but was stolen while it perched down on a public street.

A man, 56, wrapped the bird- worth €700- in some clothing and drove off.

The distressed owner went to the Policia Nacional and told officers that the only person that could have taken her pet was somebody that she spotted driving off in a grey van.

Officers accessed security cameras and saw the bird thief crouch down and steal the green-coloured parrot.

The van’s registration number was on the vehicle database and armed with a name and address, the police went to the man’s home.

The parrot of the eclectus roratus species was in a cage at his property and the man was arrested for theft.

The pet was returned none the worse for its experience to its relieved owner.

The detained man was bailed after being charged with misappropriation.

Happy Ending Parrot


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