A FAR-RIGHT fitness guru who was extradited from Spain to face terror charges in the UK told a court he is ‘horrified’ that he might have encouraged violence.

Liverpool-native Kristofer Kearney, 39, has pleaded guilty to two counts of disseminating terrorist publications but denied that he shared the videos with that intention.

The court case hinges on whether the Telegram posts calling for violence were ‘reckless’, as Kearney claims, or deliberate, as the prosecution alleges.

The court previously heard how Kearney had claimed that Adolf Hitler ‘showed people the way’, and that he encouraged violence against black people, Jews and Muslims.

Kristofer Kearney
Known far-right activity Kris ‘Charlie Big Potatoes’ Kearney has admitted two counts of disseminating terrorist material in the Old Bailey and will be sentenced on June 23

The Old Bailey also heard that he posted quotes from the Nazi dictator in a chat group that was called ‘west is best’. 

The court was told that he was a regular host of a right-wing podcast called Patriotic Talk and was active in the fascist group Patriotic Alternative.

The charges relate to two Telegram posts on January 23 and March 8 2021, which included the manifestos of Christchurch mosque killer Brenton Tarrant and Norwegian mass-murder Anders Breivik.

Kearney was known online among far-right activists as ‘Charlie Big Potatoes’ and created a channel for exercise tips called Fascist Fitness.

The professed fascist is expected to return to Spain to serve his sentence once the judge hands it out on June 23.

Kearney had close links to Marbella and the Costa Blanca, and was extradited from Spain to the UK after the Spanish High Court and the Cabinet gave their approval. 

UK police said that Kearney was publishing content ‘predominantly aimed at building up hostility against non-white people and encouraging direct violent action against them, as part of an ideology of white supremacy’.


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