JADE Jagger has been arrested for assaulting police officers outside a restaurant in Ibiza on Wednesday evening.

The 51-year-old daughter of Mick and Bianca Jagger is said to have been asked to leave a restaurant in Calle sa Creu, where her male companion was ‘making trouble’. 

He allegedly started to insult, scream and make threats to other dinners.

They were believed to be in an intoxicated state. He was asked by the restaurant employees to step outside, where a number of police officers awaited. 

Jagger’s companion is said to have pushed and struck the officers. She then allegedly left the restaurant and started behaving aggressively towards the cops. 

‘F*** police’.‘You have to respect me,’ she allegedly said. 

“The arrested woman then pushed and scratched an agent” a Policia Nacional source has told the Olive Press

The spokesman added: “Her companion also shouted ‘F*** you’, ‘you need to respect me’ ‘you are racist’ and ‘stupid police’. 

They were both restrained, arrested and taken to a nearby police station. 

After spending the night in a cell, both detainees are expected to be brought before a judge later today (Thursday 18 May). 

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