JADE JAGGER, the daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, was ordered to pay €800 of compensation on Friday by a court in Ibiza after she assaulted a female police officer on Wednesday during an altercation at a restaurant. 

Sources from the Balearic Islands High Court told news agency EFE that she had also been ordered to pay a €10 daily fine for a four-month period for resisting arrest as well as another €10 daily fine, this time for a 20-day period, for personal injury. 

Her boyfriend, meanwhile, Anthony Hinkson, was given a four-month prison sentence for assault. Under Spanish law, first-time offences under two years are usually suspended. 

The sentences were handed down after a fast-track trial in the wake of an incident that took place at La Oliva restaurant in Ibiza’s Old Town on Wednesday evening. 

Hinkson, 31, and Jagger, 51, had got into an altercation with staff at the establishment prompting them to call the police. Jagger’s boyfriend was reportedly being abusive to staff and patrons in La Oliva.

According to the SUP police union, which announced today that it would form part of the private prosecution against the couple, Hinkson refused to identify himself when required to by the officers and then proceeded to assault them. 

Jagger was reported to have intervened to defend her partner, and also assaulted and insulted a female officer. 

The SUP union reported that Hinkson was behaving strangely and that could have been ‘under the effects of alcohol or drugs’. 

Hinkson and Jagger spent two nights in police custody in Ibiza, before being taken to a courtroom early on Friday morning for their fast-track trial. 

Jagger, a jewellery designer, is the daughter of Mick Jagger and former fashion model and human-rights advocate Bianca Jagger.

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