A POLICE union in Spain has announced that it will take private legal action against the daughter of Mick Jagger after she allegedly assaulted an officer in Ibiza earlier this week and was arrested. 

Jade Jagger, who is 51 and a jewellery designer, had been staying on the island since at least May 11, according to Reuters. 

According to a statement from the Unified Police Union (SUP), on Wednesday May 17 officers were called to a restaurant in Ibiza Town, the island capital, due to a person who was behaving aggressively toward customers and staff in the establishment. 

The man is reportedly Anthony Hinkson, Jagger’s current boyfriend. 

The SUP statement claimed that Hinkson could have been ‘under the influence of alcohol and drugs’, according to employees. 

Officers from the National Police spoke to staff, the SUP reported, who explained that a man had been insulting and threatening the patrons and workers. They requested that this person hand over his identification, which he refused to do, and allegedly ended up assaulting several officers. 

The SUP added that Mick Jagger’s daughter, Jade Jagger, was accompanying the man and also assaulted one of the female officers ‘causing physical injuries’ during the altercation. 

In its statement, which was reported by agency Europa Press, the SUP said that it was ‘tired’ of seeing assaults against its officers go unpunished, and that they would be part of the prosecution in any case against the suspects. 

Jagger and Hinkson are thought to have appeared in court today, Friday, over the incident, and according to press reports have spent two nights in police custody in Ibiza.

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