GIBRALTAR’S second in command updated the Commonwealth secretary general on EU treaty talks and community activities in London meetings.

Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia met Baroness Scotland, the Commonwealth secretary general, to discuss the Rock’s increasing links with the family of former British nations.

Garcia then went on to discuss the closer links Gibraltar was forging with the agency for civil society, the Commonwealth Foundation, in meetings with its Deputy Director General.

Finally, the minister talked to High Commissioners of Commonwealth countries.

The talks come after the government tried to fill the gap left by Brexit by getting closer to the group of former British colonies.

Garcia informed the Secretary General of the recent essay competition for young people, the hosting of the global executive committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and how it competed at the Commonwealth Games.

The government noted there was ‘considerable interest’ in Gibraltar.

Some high commissioners thanked the British territory for sending its citizens home after they got stranded on the Rock aboard cruise ships during the pandemic.

“The policy of the Government is to continue to increase our engagement with the institutions, organisations and member states of the Commonwealth, Garcia said.

“There are some organisations where Gibraltar and the Overseas Territories participate in their own right, and there are others where we do so by virtue of the membership of the United Kingdom.

The Deputy Chief Minister said ‘there was scope for a discussion on a number of matters of common interest’ especially referring to the Secretary General’s meeting.

“Gibraltar has long been proud of our relationship with the Commonwealth and we must look to build on this in the months and years to come,” he added.

In a symbolic gesture, the Commonwealth flag is now flying in place of the EU flag at Commonwealth Park, Convent Place and the frontier.


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