Flight attendants of a major Australian airline will no longer need to wear high heels or make-up. 

Qantas airline, which has flight connections with a number of Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga or Ibiza, says the new dress code is ‘fit for our times’. 

The new policy also allows any cabin crew or ground staff to have long hair, wear diamond earrings, glasses with clear frames or jewellery, including watches. 

However, the airline’s employees must continue to hide their tattoos and wear their name badges.

“These changes will make wearing our uniform more comfortable and practical for all our employees,” the company said in a statement. 

Many airlines still require their female employees to wear high heels as part of their uniform, which can be a cause of pain, especially during intercontinental flights. 

However, changes in their dress code regulations are slowly happening. 

In 2019, British airline Virgin Atlantic introduced a new policy that allowed flight attendants not to wear make-up.

And from 2020, Japan Airlines made it a choice for female cabin crew members whether or not to wear high heels. 

Regarding the newest regulations implemented by Qantas, they will also apply to Jetstar, its low-cost airline. 

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