TWO teenage students from Palma’s Madre Alberta college have been arrested by the Policia Nacional for hacking into the centre’s computer network to obtain Baccalaureate exam questions.

Two boys- both aged 17- are also said to have passed on the questions to their classmates.

The first hack happened in March when they teens are said to have installed a virus that corrupted a series of files belonging to a teacher which allowed to access exam question papers.

Their grades ended up be very high leading the teacher to become suspicious, but the boys denied doing anything wrong, as they continued to access other accounts.

College heads reported the hacking in April and Policia Nacional cyber crime experts found two school IP addresses being accessed at the homes of the two student friends.

They were questioned and released pending charges from the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

The college is trying to find out the exact number of pupils that benefited from early access to questions due to an abnormally high number of good grades.

All of the students have so far denied cheating as a result of the hack or paying to get an advanced sighting of exam questions.

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