ONCE AGAIN, an unsuspecting Twitter user has waded into a storm of controversy in Spain, merely by tweeting out pictures of what she described as the “Spanish style homes” that you find in the United States.

Savannah Vicario shared the tweet on Sunday, and by Tuesday evening it had racked up more than 11 million views and thousands of replies. 

They ranged from the serious to the comic, such as this reply from a user named Salma: “Spanish style is not a thing. This is Mudejar architecture, inspired by Al-Andalus, combining Islamic aesthetics with Iberian structures.”

And as for the comic, users in Spain had their own versions of ‘Spanish style homes’:

These included ugly housing blocks surrounded by riot police, pictures of the typical gotele dimpled wall paint used to hide often uneven walls in apartments, and a sitting room that many will identify as just like those in their grandparents’ or great uncle and aunts’ homes. 

Some pointed to the regional differences of Spanish homes, whether it be a stone farmhouse in Galicia…

…or an Andalusian table complete with net tablecloth and glass cover, and distinctive tile on the floor (plus gotele made another appearance). 

The jibes appeared to have been taken well by the original poster, who took advantage of the huge traffic from her tweet and invited people to follow her on Instagram.

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