REGULAR AIR travellers will no doubt at some time have arrived too late for their flight, only to be faced with a closed gate. Few, however, will have reacted as this passenger did in Malaga last week, forcing their way to the end of the jet bridge and jumping onto the tarmac in a bid to make their journey. 

Footage of the incident filmed from the plane went viral on social media this week, and shows the would-be passenger sitting on the end of the jet bridge, which has already been disconnected from the plane. 

Having arrived too late to catch the flight to Morocco, the passenger reportedly forced his way through the gate and then asked the airport workers on the tarmac to bring him steps so that he could get to the plane. 

When they refused, he tried to manoeuvre his way down from his precarious position on the end of the jet bridge, only to clumsily fall several metres. He landed on his back and right on the power cable running from the jet bridge toward the plane.

Surrounded by airport staff, the man is then seen in the video sitting on the tarmac while he recovers from the fall, before getting back up again and walking toward the plane. 

According to online Spanish daily El Confidencial, the man was unable to take the flight and the Civil Guard was alerted to the incident. The protocol for such a matter is that the authorities would have identified him, and filed a report for a breach of air-safety regulations.

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