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Flights in and out of northern Spain suspended due to falling Chinese rocket

AIRPORTS in northern Spain have suspended flights due to the uncontrolled entry of a Chinese rocket into the atmosphere. No fly-zones have been imposed on...

MUST READ: Ryanair cabin crew unions in Spain announce weekly strikes through to January 2023

UNIONS representing Ryanair cabin crew staff in Spain have announced a schedule of weekly strikes running into January 2023. The row over higher pay demands...

European Union abolishes compulsory Covid-19 mask-wearing on planes BUT countries like Spain have ‘wiggle-room’ to continue

TWO European Union agencies have announced that mandatory mask wearing on planes and at airports will end on May 16. The EU Aviation Safety Agency...

Given the bird: How falcons are used to protect Spain’s airports from the dangers of bird strikes

BIRD strikes, (airplane engines and/or landing gear colliding with birds), are a growing problem as they have become frequent, very expensive and sometimes fatal. In...

Passenger numbers at Spain’s airports in 2021 fall below half of pre-pandemic total

PASSENGER numbers improved substantially in 2021 across Spain's airports compared to the previous year but remained well below pre-pandemic levels. Airport operator Aena said nearly...

LISTED: Spain’s airports Brits can fly to on Ryanair, EasyJet, Jet2 and TUI

AFTER the announcement that the UK would drop its quarantine restrictions, the number of Brits searching for holidays has surged. Yesterday, ministers confirmed that from...

BREAKING: Tourists required to pass three health controls on arrival in Spain

TOURISTS will be required to pass three health controls upon arrival at Spanish airports, health minister Salvador Illa has revealed today. Illa announced during a...

Record 133 airport workers hauled before judges 10 years after their strike which led to eight Spanish airports closing...

They are charged with ‘the crime of abandoning public service’ and causing the financial damages of the passengers that were involved

At least six feared dead in Costa Blanca flooding after roads, railways and airports close

SIX people have died following two days of the worst flooding on record to hit the Costa Blanca flooding. Emergency services and the military stepped...

Handler strike to affect ALL of Spain starting Easter Sunday

SPANISH airport handlers have confirmed plans for a mass walkout over the upcoming Easter weekend. The strike action by 60,000 staff will affect all airports...

Spain’s airports to produce own power under massive solar panel project

SPAIN’S airport operator has announced ambitious plans to produce most of its own electricity using solar power. Aena, which manages 46 airports and two heliports...

The latest on Spain’s planned airport strikes

SPAIN'S airport unions have decided to postpone the 25 one-day strikes they programmed for September 15 and onwards. The unions had asked for an 8%...

SCHENGEN CHAOS: Why you may have to queue for FOUR HOURS at Spanish airports

HORROR stories are circulating of British holidaymakers missing their flights after being made to queue for over four hours at passport control at Spanish...

Spain trumps UK in new global airport rankings as Britain has THREE in the bottom six

London Gatwick has been ranked as the second-worst in the world after Kuwait

Free unlimited WiFi set for all Spain’s airports

AENA will also be quadrupling the current speed of the internet service available to passengers

Andalucia to receive €1.6 billion to develop infrastructure

Roads, airports and housing will all benefit from the extra funding




Fun and Games: Following the Game of Thrones trail in Spain’s Andalucia

LOOKING out across the rolling plains of the Cordoba Campina, my teenage son felt just like Olenna Tyrell surveying her kingdom. His perch on a...


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