SEA and plenty of wind are two natural elements and key ingredients for a great day kitesurfing, a fun water sport which emerged the late 90’s.

Today, kitesurfing is a hugely popular sport with millions of participants worldwide with Tarifa in Cadiz considered the top destination for kitesurfing in Spain, often called the kiting capital of Europe.

However, Andalucia is blessed with other long sandy beaches kissed with cross-shore winds, of which one that stands out is Isla Canela in Huelva.

According to the website Trendencias, the Ayamonte beach of Isla Canela is one of the top 7 best kitesurfing beaches in Spain.

This natural paradise in Huelva, located in a setting of marshes, channels, sandy areas and dunes, is considered an idyllic place to learn and practise kitesurfing due to its big shallows and the constant thermal breeze in the afternoons.

This hidden gem located in the southwest of Spain, near Portugal, also has plenty of kitesurfing schools to choose from making it a fantastic kite spot with a laid back family vibe.


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