A COURT fined a man £1,000 and gave him a suspended sentence after police found two hunting knives on him when he was riding his bicycle on the pavement in Gibraltar last year.

Jamil Medhurst, 24, of Laguna Estate was also carrying a small amount of hashish which police smelled on him after stopping him.

Officers were patrolling Ocean Village at 2am on August 13 when they saw Medhurst riding his bicycle on a pedestrian path.

“Whilst talking to Medhurst, the officers noticed a strong smell of cannabis, so he was detained for a search,” the Royal Gibraltar Police said in a statement.

“In his pouch, they found two hunting knives, one sheathed and one unsheathed.”

Police officers arrested him for carrying the knives and took him to New Mole House police station.

Knife Gib

There they searched him and found he was also carrying £23 of cannabis resin, arresting him again.

At court last Friday, he pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a blade in a public place and possession of a class B drug.

Both hunting knives were 13 and 14 cm long, police showed.

The court gave Medhurst a suspended sentence of ten weeks and ordered he pay £1,000.

He will only go to prison if he commits a crime in the next nine months.


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