A 25-year-old man has been arrested in the Madrid city of Alcala de Henares after allegedly killing a 53-year-old female friend using a chokehold. The suspect alerted the authorities to the incident himself and said that he had strangled her after they had an argument. 

Investigators are trying to determine the relationship between the two, according to news agency EFE. There were no prior police reports for abuse nor did either the victim or the alleged assailant have criminal records. 

When police arrived at the home of the victim, where the attack took place, officers found the woman with clear signs of strangulation. Despite efforts to revive her, an ambulance crew could only certify her death. 

The suspect told the officers that he had used a chokehold on the victim, a technique known as the mataleon (lion-killer) in Spanish and which uses the arm to squeeze the sides of the neck, thus cutting off the flow of blood to the brain and causing temporary unconsciousness.

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