INCOME tax payments and returns will now be simpler than ever in Gibraltar after its government added the service to an online phone app.

Workers and employers will no longer have to do their tax on endless amounts of paper or even by attaching statements to emails.

Past tax assessments will be accessible on the app too, making it easier to fill in the basic or repeated details rather than starting from scratch each time.

The app, called ‘ eServices’ is available for both major smartphones systems.

This latest technological jump has been a major petition from business groups and unions alike.

The COVID-19 lockdowns accelerated its development and now the government boasted users can sort out their tax ‘from the palm of their hand’.

Its strength is that it has integrated both the tax return and claim allowance forms into one service.

This is not the case in other bigger countries where finding the forms online can cause some major difficulty.

People can also send their tax return by email or on paper if they want, with forms available to download on the website or to take at the tax office at the end of Main Street.

“Simplifying the tax filing experience has always been among our top priorities,” Commissioner of Income Tax John Lester said.

“We are very pleased that the improved Tax eServices provides a user-friendly and streamlined interface that allows taxpayers to file their returns with ease.”

Minister for Digital and Financial service Albert Isola said the new eService and app will ‘significantly improve and facilitate the way individuals interact with the Income Tax and other Government services’.

He said the public could look forward to more ‘citizen-centric solutions’ using technology in the future.

The government will send taxpayers detailed instructions by email to on how to use the new system over coming weeks.


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