CROWDFUNDING with a €55,000 target is being used to pay for renovations to a historic church in Burgos province.

As of mid-July, €26,000 had been banked with contributions from all round the world to fund a new clock and altar at the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in the tiny hamlet of Masa.

It was build in two phases starting in either the 13th or 14th centuries, and it was expanded in 1684 and stands as the cornerstone of the village which has 27 residents, of which just eight live there all throughout the year.


“We are the greatest example of depopulated Spain,” said Josechu de Miguel, president of the RE&RE Paramo de Masa association- specially created to fund-raise for the church.

He said residents are more ‘united than ever’ in the endeavour to raise money for the church improvements.

The key innovation has been joining forces with Hispnia Nostra to launch the crowdfunding drive with donations starting at just €10.

Contributions have come from all other the world including from as far away as Canada.

Each donor, depending on the amount, will receive a gift that can range from a thank you card to key chains, coasters or even a guided tour of the village.

Another option is to sponsor one of the artistic elements of the church like pews, the choir, or weather vane starting from €150.

Crowdfunding is scheduled to end on July 25, and work could begin once €40,000 is reached backed up by a promised €10,000 grant from the Burgos Provincial Council.

Besides restoring the altar area, the old church clock dating back to the start of the last century cannot be fixed with any guarantees, which means it will be replaced by an electronic unit which would retain all of the current display.

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