MIDWEEK forecasts of temperatures reaching 41 degrees in Sevilla have come as no surprise with the Andalucian city in recent years hitting those highs during summer heatwaves.

It’s dubbed by some as the ‘Iberian oven’ as hot air comes in from the Sahara and because it is in the foothills of mountains, it is a regular candidate for some of the highest urban temperatures in Spain.

So much so that one weather expert believes the city is becoming a desert.

Jim Dale from British Weather Services said: “ What’s causing the hot weather in Sevilla is when the wind comes in from Africa, across the mountains and into the plains.”

“In terms of location, the whole stretch of area in Andalucia, including Sevilla has all the right factors to create baking hot weather,” he added.

A temperature increase is forecast for mid-week, with predictions of at least 41 degrees in the city this Wednesday and staying in the upper thirties into August.

Jim Dale warned: “ We’re getting into the category of between 40 and 50 degrees and you’ll find temperatures increasing as the summers go on, as essentially, the city is turning into a desert.”

“Locals might be accustomed to the hot weather, but tourists need to be careful over risks of sunstroke and dehydration.”

The heatwave of 2022 in Spain alone killed at least 2,064 people as a result of the high temperatures.

Droughts have directly affected crops and the disruption in production also led to a disruption in supplies for all of Europe.

Wildfires also dramatically increased with many serious incidents last summer across the country.


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