SPAIN’S far-right Vox party has offered the conservative Partido Popular a ‘no-strings’ deal where it would back a PP minority government without demanding a formal coalition with seats in the cabinet.

The Vox move is about removing the PSOE’s Pedro Sanchez from power after July’s indecisive general election result.

In a statement Vox said that Sanchez’s moves to remain prime minister had led it to revise its position and offer the unconditional support of its 33 members in Congress to the PP’s leader Alberto Nuñez Feijoo who is trying to get put together the numbers to form a government.

“We will not be an obstacle to avoid a government of national destruction,” Vox said in its statement.

Vox claimed that Sanchez’s willingness to get backing from Basque and Catalan separatist parties posed ‘a serious threat to the foundations of the constitutional order’.

Feijoo welcomed Vox’s support saying: “We need one party in government, not 24 parties ruling Spain.”

“Requiring the support of so many parties with so many different ideologies and contradictory political interests is antithetical to the governability of our country,” he observed.

The PP will get the first go at forming a government as they were the largest party in last month’s election, but it appears that Sanchez has the better shot at forming an administration due to smaller parties being antagonistic to the PP and certainly to Vox.

If nobody can sort out a deal within two months, then Spain will go to the polls again in a similar scenario to that seen in 2018.


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