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THE recent tragic deaths of two Iberian lynxes due to vehicle collisions in the Doñana region have raised concerns about the safety of these endangered animals.

The incidents occurred on July 31 and August 3 along the A-483 road, which connects Almonte and Matalascañas in Huelva.

Ecologists in Action reported the fatalities and highlighted the need for improved road safety measures to prevent further casualties.

Juan Romero, a representative of the organization, urged for greater transparency in addressing the issue. He called on Juanma Moreno, President of the Junta, to implement more effective measures, such as luminous screens, speed limit signs, and radar systems at high-risk areas.

Romero also criticised the focus solely on captive breeding and reintroduction efforts, emphasising the importance of addressing the root causes behind the declining lynx population.

The incidents serve as a reminder of the ongoing challenges in conserving the Iberian lynx and the importance of a comprehensive approach to protect these unique creatures.


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