IN a bid to merge the lively spirit of Malaga’s annual fair with the hustle and bustle of its airport, the ‘Pura Feria’ campaign has returned for its second year, courtesy of Aena, the country’s leading airport operator.

Transforming Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport into a vibrant hub of communication, animation, ambiance, and entertainment, the campaign aims to connect with travellers, whether they’re arriving or departing.

Running until August 20, the ‘Pura Feria’ initiative transforms the commercial zones of the Malaga infrastructure into a realm of festivity.

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Aena, in collaboration with the airport’s various shops and restaurants, seeks to create an immersive experience that introduces passengers to the essence of the city’s renowned fair.

Passengers are greeted with interactive games, direct discounts on purchases, and a chance to win enticing prizes.

Sharing their experiences within the thematic zones on social media opens doors to these rewards.

Additionally, those who register their purchase receipts stand a chance to win the grand prize—a free trip.

Amid the campaign’s activities, the airport comes alive with the rhythms of flamenco, where a group of female bailaoras, accompanied by a traditional flamenco ensemble, grace the airport’s atmosphere at various intervals throughout the day.

‘Pura Feria’ serves as a bridge between the airport and the vibrant cultural festivities of Malaga.

Whether welcoming newcomers or bidding farewell to those departing, the campaign offers an immersive glimpse into the city’s grand festival and the commercial opportunities within the airport’s confines.


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