AMERICANS are buying more properties in Spain and targeting areas like the Costa del Sol – either to retire there or to work as digital nomads.

Notaries in Spain say that home sales to Americans leapt by 88% between 2019 and 2022 and they- along with people from Denmark- are prepared to pay some of the highest prices.

Dollar exchange rates and the popularity of the direct flight link from the States to Malaga are helping to fuel demand from ‘across the pond’, along with the region’s large array of golf courses.

Another factor is Spain’s launch of its digital nomad visa this year, making it easier for foreigners to move to and work in the country.

A desire for Americans to experience the ‘Spanish way of life’ is another draw with notaries reporting around 25% of sales coming from the States in some parts of Andalucia.

Though British, German, and French buyers still dominate the overseas market, American buyers are now getting a strong foothold in the area.

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