AN estimated 18,000 people turned the streets of Buñol red on Wednesday in the annual ‘La Tomatina’ tomato fight.

Numbers were up by 2,000 more than last year for the hour-long pitch battle with participants having to pre-book tickets to take part.

150,000 kilos of tomatoes were dumped from several trucks circulating around the central streets of the Valencia province municipality.

Buñol mayor Virginia Sanz said she was pleased that attendance was up- boosted by German, Korean, Australian, and Italian participants- the latter of which she described as being the ‘most fanatical supporters of the party’.

“It’s an event that raises a lot of curiosity among on-lookers but despite it being very sticky, it is very safe and a lot of fun,” Sanz said.

Sanz was joined by Valencian president Carlos Mazon and Valencian Diputacion leader Vicent Mompo on one of the tomato trucks to get a close-up view of the battle.


“The mayor asked me if I had the courage to get onto the truck,“ joked Mazon.

“I was privileged to go to Buñol to witness the open, cheerful, welcoming, and hospitable character that symbolises the Valencian Community, the president added.

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