ANDALUCIA has just experienced its hottest August on record since data collection began in 1961.

According to Spain’s Met Office (AEMET), the average temperature in the region during August 2023 reached 28.1ºC, which is two degrees higher than the typical August temperatures observed over the past three decades.

Until now, the record was shared by the August months of 2003, 2010, 2012, and 2017, which had an average temperature of 27.2ºC.

This August’s temperature records, recently published by AEMET, are far from normal, with thermal anomalies in all provinces compared to the usual average.

The most significant deviations were seen in Huelva, with temperatures 2.8ºC above average, Jaen with 2.5ºC above, Malaga with 2.3ºC above, and Granada with 2.1ºC above average.

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Among the highest average maximum temperatures, Sevilla stands out, breaking its August record with an average high of 38.5ºC, exceeding the norm by 3.2ºC. Cordoba recorded an average of 37.9ºC, exceeding the average by 2.7ºC. Jaen reached 37.1ºC (2.7ºC above average), Huelva reported 36.7ºC (2.6ºC above), and Malaga averaged 34.1 degrees (2.2ºC higher).

Record-breaking minimum temperatures were also widespread. Malaga set a new August record with an average of 21.1ºC, 1.7ºC above the typical average. Jaen recorded 20.9ºC (2.3ºC above average), Sevilla averaged 20.6ºC (1.7ºC above), and Granada had an average of 18.9ºC, which deviated by 2.6ºC.

In August 2023, Andalucia experienced two heatwaves, each lasting for 16 days. The first one occurred from the 6th to the 13th, with many areas of the region experiencing temperatures near 45ºC.

The second heatwave took place from August 18 – 25, bringing temperatures of over 42ºC in many parts of the region.

In addition to these heatwaves, Andalucia also experienced two episodes of temperatures below normal for the time of year, one from August 3rd to the 5th, and another at the end of August, from the 27th to the 30th.


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