MALAGA Airport continues its trend of record-breaking passenger numbers in 2023, with August seeing a significant surge in tourism and travellers.

According to Aena, the airport operator, August welcomed 2,419,072 passengers to the Costa del Sol airport, marking a notable increase compared to the previous year when the passenger count was 2,053,341 for the same month.

In fact, Aena has labeled this August as its ‘best in history’ with a 17.8% surge in passengers compared to 2022.

Credit Malaga Airport
Aeropuerto de Malaga – Costa del Sol. Credit Malaga Airport.

On average, 78,034 individuals passed through the airport daily during this month. This growth is attributed to the strong performance of both domestic and international travel.

Commercial flights have carried the most passengers, totaling 2,410,878 travellers when excluding general and executive aviation. This data is divided between flights within Spain (403,095) and international connections (2,007,783); an increase of 13.1% and 18.9% compared to the previous year, respectively.

Most international flights are concentrated in Europe, with British travellers leading the list at 615,754 passengers, followed by Germans (187,250), French (120,567), Irish (115,610), and Italians (112,849).

In terms of passenger growth compared to the previous year, Portugal saw the highest increase with a doubling of figures. Morocco followed with a 50.2% rise, Poland with 49.3%, Italy with 45.8%, and Germany with a 43.1% increase.

Not only did the number of passengers arriving at Malaga Airport increase, but also the number of flight operations in August. The total movements amounted to 16,954, marking an 11.8% rise. Among these flights, 16,593 were commercial connections: 3,349 domestic (+8.7%) and 13,244 international (+13.7%).

The busiest days at the airport were August 6th, with 84,371 passengers, and August 20th, with 583 operations.


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