THE United Arab Emirates is organising a cultural symposium in Madrid to celebrate the culture and arts of the Al-Andalus era of Andalucia. 

The two-day event will feature a range of dialogue sessions and activities designed to highlight Andalucia’s pivotal role in shaping science and arts during a golden era of Arabic civilization.

The symposium aims to showcase the global influence of Arab-Andalucian civilization across various fields, including art, translation, science, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, medicine, trade, and architecture.

The first session, titled ‘Andalusian Society and Cultural Mixing,’ will cover topics such as ‘The Social Structure of the Islamic Community in Southwest Europe,’ ‘Spaniards and their Andalusian Past,’ ‘Andalusian Society and Bilingualism,’ and ‘Andalusia in Modern Spanish Thought.’ 

The session will be moderated by Fatima Roldán Castro from the University of Seville.

The second day will focus on ‘Translation and its Role in Cultural and Civilizational Communication.’ 

Topics will include ‘The Role of Arabic Translation in Introducing Greek Heritage,’ ‘The School of Toledo Translators and its Role in Transferring Arabic Heritage,’ ‘The Andalusian Model in the Arab-European and Global Dialogue,’ and ‘The Activity of Modern Spanish Translation on Andalusian Literature.’ 

Speakers at this session include Dr. Rafael Ramón Guerrero, Dr. Ignatio Sanchez, Emilio González Verín, and Professor Dr. Salbador Pena.


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