FIREFIGHTERS were shocked to discover a man clinging to life with a knife stabbed into his chest as they went to put out a house blaze in Spain’s city of Valencia.

The incident took place in the Valencian neighbourhood of Monteolivete after a neighbour raised the alarm when she saw smoke bellowing from a nearby four-storey home.

Various fire engines rushed to the scene as well as police patrol vehicles and they started to evacuate all the neighbours as the smoke had engulfed the whole building.

When the firefighters entered the apartment where the fire started they immediately caught sight of the stabbed man.

They quickly stabilised him and took him to hospital as ambulances treated the residents for smoke inhalation.

National Police detectives are now investigating what exactly occurred and how the man was stabbed.

They have cordoned off the first floor apartment where firefighters found the man as they await forensic experts to inspect the scene of the alleged crime.

The fire has completely destroyed the apartment as well as blackened those above it with the smoke from the blaze.

Building owners then moved in to assess the damage to the property.


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