SOME 31% of Spanish tourists stayed in the country this summer, new figures show, with a northern coastal city stealing the top spot. 

According to Citavitis, Vigo, Galicia was the most visited tourist destination for Spaniards, followed by Santiago de Compostela and Madrid. 

A birdseye view of the beach in popular tourist destination Vigo, Galicia
Vigo, Galicia was the top tourist destination for Spainards. Photo: Alejandro Piñero Amerio/Unsplash

Last year, 6.5 million tourists flocked to the beachside city, known for its rich history, colourful buildings and diverse bird population. 

Popular tourist activities include a guided boat tour to Cies Islands or a jaunt around the Monte del Castro Park, with beautiful seaside views. 

The second most visited tourist destination was Santiago de Compostela, known for the famous pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago which ends at the emblematic Cathedral de Santiago.

Santiago de Compostela is well known for the Camino de Santiago. Photo: Victoriano Izquierdo/Unsplash

It’s no surprise that two Galician destinations attracted the most tourists this summer, as Spaniards flock north to escape roasting temperatures in other parts of the country. 

Next in the list was the capital, Madrid, followed by Granada, Barcelona, Palma and Bilbao. 

Over 60% of Spaniards chose to leave the country this summer, with the majority booking trips to New York. 

The second most popular international destination for Spanish tourists was Marrakech, followed by the Riviera Maya in Mexico. 

For international tourists visiting Spain, Barcelona is the top destination, followed by Madrid and Seville.


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