AS the holiday season in the south of Spain winds down, it’s the perfect time to contemplate enhancing your beach chiringuito for an even more successful upcoming season.

Ensuring your establishment remains popular and appealing is key in the ever-competitive hospitality industry.

All over the world, more and more establishments are moving towards being more sustainable.

In staying with the times, incorporating sustainable timber and thatch in the design and renovation of your chiringuito is not only environmentally responsible, but also resonates well with your dedication to a sustainable future.

With an office in Estepona, Cape Reed International shares your commitment to sustainable practices- utilising natural materials that are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly which can enhance the overall aesthetic of your property while also appealing to the growing eco-conscious consumer base.

It’s a win-win, aligning both with your values and the trend towards more sustainable businesses.

Incorporating timber and thatch into the renovation not only showcases your passion for sustainability but also sets a trend in the hospitality industry.

It’s about creating a legacy beyond business success – leaving a mark in an industry that appreciates and adopts eco-friendly practices.

By applying Fireshield, a fire-retardant coating specifically formulated for use on natural materials, it signifies your dedication to safety and sustainability.

It exemplifies your vision of leaving a positive mark, not only through business success but also by fostering a culture of safety and responsible construction practices.

With Cape Reed International at the forefront, the future of sustainable and safe timber construction looks promising. Call on their expertise and local experience today!



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