A BEACH in Andalucia has yet again become home for hundreds of cows who love strolling the shore. 

Once the tourists have gone home from their summer holidays, a different kind of sunbather takes to the sand of this Cadiz beach. 

Cows deserve a beach day too! Photo: Barbate Turismo/Facebook

Every autumn, Bolonia beach welcomes hundreds of cute cows, who love chilling on sand during the winter season. 

Led by the matriarch, ‘Paquita’, the cows are a social media sensation, returning each year to the beach, about an hour and a half from the city of Cadiz. 

They’re moo-ving in! Cadiz beaches become home to cows over the winter season. Photo: Barbate Turismo/Facebook

The herd have now become the latest tourist attraction on the Tarifa coastline, with local tourism departments proudly posting about their bovine buddies. 

The phenomenon seems to be common in Andalucia, as cows also take to the beach in nearby Barbate, on Pajares and Zahara de los Atunes beach. 

The cows arrive at the end of the tourist season as a gate which normally stops them is removed.


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