23 Nov, 2023 @ 15:20
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The fruit grown in Spain you should be eating to help steer off colds and weight gain as winter approaches

DROPPING temperatures leave us vulnerable to illnesses during Autumn, but did you know a fruit commonly grown in Spain can help you fight seasonal sniffles? 

During the colder months, eating fruit regularly can help us to stay happy and healthy. 

Fruit is often high in vitamins and minerals which aid digestion, hydration and strengthen our immune systems. 

The humble apple, grown mostly in Spain’s Catalonia, is one of the best fruits to fight illnesses. 

But why does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

Apples, grown since the 14th century in Catalonia’s Girona, are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, boosting the immune system. 

The popular fruit also contains pectin, a soluble fibre which helps digestion and could aid weight loss. 

If you cook apples, more pectin is released, giving your gut health a boost. 

For those with diabetes, apples have also been shown to help regulate blood sugar. 

Apples can be eaten raw with peanut butter, in salads, in smoothies and more. 

If you’d like the extra fibre boost, try an apple pie, stewed cinnamon apples with oats or a classic apple crumble.


Yzabelle Bostyn

After spending much of her childhood in Andalucia and adulthood between Barcelona and Latin America, Yzabelle has settled in the Costa del Sol to put her NCTJ & Journalism Masters to good use. She is particularly interested in travel, vegan food and has been leading the Olive Press Nolotil campaign. Have a story? email yzabelle@theolivepress.es

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