THE mother of ex-Barcelona football star Dani Alves, awaiting trial next month on rape charges, may have landed him in further hot water after she posted a video montage of his alleged victim on social media.

The video, taken from the alleged victim’s social media accounts, showed her dancing in nightclubs after the alleged crime occurred.

It also shows her attending parties, celebrating her birthday and discussing ways to ‘get rich and famous’.

Lucía Alves, who demanded ‘justice’ for her son, posted the video to Instagram in an effort to undermine her credibility. It has now largely been taken down. 

The shock revelation of the identity of an alleged victim of sexual abuse – which includes her full name and age – has stirred up a storm of public and legal uproar.

Those who helped spread the video are likely to receive a complaint from Ester Garcia, the lawyer acting for the alleged victim.

Dani Alves, pictures with his mother, Lucia Alves. Lucia published a video smearing his alleged rape victim on social media.

They stand accused of violating the victim’s privacy and rights, especially given the sensitive nature of the case.

Barcelona prosecutors are now considering whether such ‘doxing’ (revealing someone’s personal details online) could constitute a separate crime in the spiralling saga.

Dani Alves, who has been in custody since January 20, 2023, is awaiting trial for sexual assault alleged to have occurred in Sutton nightclub in Barcelona in December 2022. 

The Brazilian footballer initially denied knowing the woman before admitting to consensual sexual relations.

It is a claim contradicted by the alleged victim’s testimony, who claimes she was slapped, locked in a bathroom, and raped in the VIP area.

As the trial date of February 5 approaches, the prosecution is calling for a nine-year prison sentence for Alves, along with ten years of supervised release and a €150,000 indemnity to the victim. 

The defence’s repeated requests for provisional release have been denied, citing sufficient evidence for trial and the severity of the accusations.


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