THE Spanish postal service has managed to cut down its CO2 emissions in Andalucia by 215 tonnes annually with a new fleet of electric vehicles.

The province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol accounted for nearly a quarter of the region’s total, knocking 54 tonnes off Correos’ annual output of greenhouse gases – beaten only by Sevilla (58 tonnes).

The duo were trailed by Cádiz (33.14 tonnes), Córdoba (31 tonnes), Granada (19 tonnes), Almería (9.47 tonnes), Jaén (7.07 tonnes) and Huelva (3.23 tonnes).

Correos’ green fleet in Andalucia comprises 400 electric vans, micro-hybrid vans, electric and hybrid cars, and electric motorcycles. 

Electric vehicles produce less noise pollution than combustion engines and with greater energy efficiency, according to industry experts.

While the latter has an energy efficiency of just 27%, the electric motor reaches the kiddy heights of roughly 75%.

In line with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the company’s approach includes a focus on sustainable last-mile delivery with its 2,800 eco-friendly vehicles nationwide.

The company’s goal, alongside 22 other postal operators, is to ensure that 50% of its fleet will be eco-friendly by 2030.


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