GERMAN discount supermarket chain Aldi says it plans to open nearly 50 new stores in Spain this year.

To back its expansion, the retailer will soon open a 40,000 m2 distribution centre in Miranda de Ebro to cover the north of the country.

Aldi says that it will focus on strategic regions such as the Canary Islands and northern Spain while the Andalucia, Madrid, Valencia, and Catalunya regions will see over half of the new store openings.

Other regions, such as Extremadura, Murcia, and the Balearic Islands, will also welcome new Aldi outlets as part of the move.

Beside the new Miranda logistics facility, the Sagunt distribution centre in Valencia province, which opened last year, will be fully operational by February.

Aldi puts down its success in offering discount prices via its own labels(86% of products sold are own brand), and the Spanish sourcing of most Aldi products (80% are sourced nationally).

Aldi’s customer base has soared 33% in the past three years, exceeding seven million shoppers.

Between September 2022 and 2023, over a million new customers used its stores.

The German discounter closed 2023 with 435 stores in Spain and 480,000 m2 of sales space- an 11% increase on 2022.


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