A BABY has been born in Spain using his grandmother’s donated uterus for the second time ever in Spain. 

The happy couple with ‘miracle baby’ Manuel. Photo: Hospital Clinic de Barcelona

Named Manuel, the boy will forever have a unique bond with his grandmother. 

He was born on January 2, just two years after his mother, Mayra Montes, received a uterus transplant from her mother. 

Bizarrely, this means Mayra and her son were carried in the same uterus. 

She said: “It’s incredible when they tell you can’t have children and then two years later you have one of your own.” 

Manuel was carried in the same uterus as his mother. Photo: Hospital Clinic de Barcelona

The birth took place in the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, the only health facility in Spain to have performed a uterus transplant birth. 

The first took place in the hospital in March 2023. 

In both cases, the mothers suffered Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome, being born without a uterus or fallopian tubes. 

The medical feat is part of a project intended to cement the viability of uterus transplant surgery for women with MRKH syndrome. 

It has been under development for some seven years, with more than 50 medical professionals working on the case. 

Francisco Carmona, Head of Hospital Clinic’s Gynaecology Department, said: “It’s a medical and scientific feat. It completely changes the medical paradigm.” 

Meanwhile Head of Urology, Antonio Alcaraz said: “This is one of the most complicated surgeries you can have. We have shown once, not twice, that we are capable of doing it with great results.” 

After Mayra received the transplant, it took only two months for her first period to come and a few months later, she and her partner, Toño, were ready to try for a baby.

Manuel was born by cesarean section as uterus transplant patients cannot give birth naturally due to possible risks to both mother and child.  

Mayra gave birth via cesarean section to avoid complications to mother and baby. Photo: Hospital Clinic de Barcelona

Following the success of her first pregnancy, Mayra is already planning for baby number two. 

The first ever birth as a result of a uterus transplant took place in 2014 in Switzerland. 

Some six years later, Spain performed its first uterus transplant in 2020, followed by the country’s first ever uterus transplant birth in 2023.


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