Six months jail for Gibraltar Customs officer caught stealing import duty

A CUSTOMS officer has been sent to prison for half a year in Gibraltar after being caught stealing import duty at the frontier checkpoint.

Vaccine proves effects as Gibraltar COVID-19 cases hit rock bottom

COVID-19 active cases in Gibraltar have gone down to just 49 today after the success of the Pfizer vaccine rollout.

Gibraltar 2,000 litre oil spill to have ‘severe effects’ on marine life

ABOUT two thousand litres of oil could have gone into the sea during Friday’s oil spill, the Gibraltar Government has revealed.

Raids on hash smuggling ring based in Gibraltar Campo see 37 arrests

A POWERFUL hashish smuggling syndicate has been dismantled this morning after 35 arrests were made in San Roque and La Linea.

Gibraltar denies oil spill hurts Campo beaches as cleaning continues

THERE is ‘no evidence’ of last week’s oil spill having affected beaches in the Gibraltar Campo, according to the Gibraltar Government.

Bulk carrier oil spill in Bay of Gibraltar reaches western coast

AN oil spill from a bulk carrier in the Bay of Gibraltar has reached areas of the western coastline inside the port area.

Elderly lockdown ends on Monday in Gibraltar as restrictions loosen

THE elderly will be free from lockdown from Monday onwards but the curfew is set to continue until mid-March.

Suspected cocaine smuggling ring smashed in Gibraltar Campo drug bust

A DOZEN suspected international cocaine traffickers are under arrest after a large police operation spanning various Andalusian cities.

Active COVID-19 cases in Gibraltar down to 85 today with no deaths

COVID-19 cases have fallen to more acceptable levels ten days after the social lockdown ended and life started to return to normal.

Elderly lockdown and curfew to continue in Gibraltar, says Picardo

THE curfew and elderly COVID-19 lockdown will continue for another week, the Chief Minister confirmed in Parliament today.

Gibraltar neighbouring town halves caseload after parents refuse to send children to school

LA Linea has managed to halve its active COVID-19 cases this week after parents decided to stop sending their children to school.

Flights to Birmingham and Southampton will start from Gibraltar in May

FLIGHTS to two new locations in England will be on offer from Gibraltar in time for the summer with Eastern Airlines.

COVID-19 death brings numbers to 79 as Gibraltar cases fall again

COVID-19 claimed another life yesterday as the number of cases continued to fall in Gibraltar and vaccination continued.

Older students to get jabbed before school restarts in Gibraltar amid more COVID-19 deaths

A-LEVEL and college students will now have priority access to the Pfizer vaccines that arrived in Gibraltar on the weekend.

Elderly remain locked down on February 1 in Gibraltar with curfew for the rest

THE long-awaited end of the lockdown on February 1 will not apply to the elderly, the government has announced.

Schools in Gibraltar to re-open on February 22 to stop COVID-19 spread

SCHOOLS in Gibraltar will not open on February 1 as originally planned but three weeks later instead, the government announced.

Cocaine worth £2 million found attached to cargo ship in Gibraltar

COCAINE valued at up to £2 million was found in a ‘parasite device’ on a bulk carrier anchored outside Gibraltar port yesterday.

One more COVID-19 death in Gibraltar as active cases slowly decrease

ANOTHER elderly person who lived in a Gibraltar nursing home has died today from COVID-19 as case numbers dropped to 453.

Racism condemned in Gibraltar on Holocaust Memorial Day

RACISM and discrimination must be condemned, said a Gibraltar Government minister on the anniversary of the Holocaust.

Four more COVID-19 deaths bring tragic total to 69 in Gibraltar

FOUR more elderly people have died in Gibraltar with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, the government has sadly reported.

Shell gets historic go-ahead to refuel ships with LNG from Gibraltar

CARGO ships and tankers that use Liquid Natural Gas as their main fuel will now be able to get topped up on the Rock.

Gibraltar lockdown ends on February 1 with shops allowed to re-open

ALL shops could be allowed to re-open on February 1 with the end of the social lockdown, the Gibraltar Chief Minister has revealed.

‘Darkest days in our history’: Gibraltar leader mourns six more COVID-19 deaths today

GIBRALTAR is in mourning today as six more elderly people lost their lives as COVID-19 tore through the elderly community.

Fines await UK-bound airline passengers without negative test result from Gibraltar

PEOPLE flying from Gibraltar to UK risk a £500 fine if they do not provide of a negative COVID-19 test certificate.

Vaccines arrive tomorrow as two more elderly fall prey to COVID-19 in Gibraltar

TWO more elderly people have become the latest COVID-19 victims as more vaccines jet into the Rock in the coming weeks.

Spain’s Campo de Gibraltar under siege from COVID-19 as infection rates soar and hospitals overflow despite weeks of tougher...

THE Campo de Gibraltar is under siege from coronavirus despite weeks of much stricter restrictions, the latest figures show. In La Linea, which shares the...