Friday, May 29, 2020


Active COVID-19 cases double overnight in Gibraltar prompting fears of second wave

THE number of people with coronavirus has jumped from five to ten on the Rock, as latest results were processed and expert advise was received.

Swabbing to be increased in Gibraltar as active cases rise again

A rise of three active cases has been reported by authorities, taking the total of active cases of the Coronavirus up to five in Gibraltar.

Active COVID-19 cases down to just TWO as Gibraltar looks to NHS for future vaccines

The Rock could receive any vaccines or medicine direct from within the NHS as new aggressive testing begins next week to find out who else is infected.

Gibraltar lock-down extended to May 22 as active cases go down to FOUR

GIBRALTAR now has only four active cases of COVID-19 after 129 people have recovered in the peninsula as the first BEAT COVID payments are cashed out.

Active COVID-19 cases drop to five as Gibraltar elderly await golden hour

THE number of active COVID-19 cases has gone down to just five with none in hospital as the elderly prepare to get their daily hour of exercise.

Nearly 800 COVID-19 lockdown breaches in Gibraltar, police chief reports

As active COVID-19 cases remains unchanged, the government will be allowing the elderly to leave their homes soon to take a walk as long as they stay safe.

COVID-19 lockdown to be loosened over coming weeks, says Gibraltar Chief Minister

SOME businesses could open in May and elderly people may soon get exercise time, said the Government with 12 active cases in Gibraltar at the moment.

Police in Spain are impounding Gibraltar-registered cars, with some drivers invoiced up to €17,000 in COVID-19 clampdown

Fabian Picardo expresses sympathy with owners of vehicles caught out, but confirms they should have registered them as Spanish if they were living there.

Air quality improved after nearly one month of social lock-down in Gibraltar

Locals will be able to breathe fresher air now that COVID-19 has dramatically reduced the amount of traffic and industrial pollution in the territory.

Active COVID-19 cases go down again to just 12 in Gibraltar

Latest figures that there are only 12 recorded active cases of the COVID-19 virus on the Rock, the lowest for nearly a month, is linked to the lockdown.

Gibraltar active COVID-19 cases are now the lowest seen in 22 days

GIBRALTAR’S active COVID-19 cases are now the lowest they have been since March 26, with recoveries rising daily and plans to test all frontline workers.

Six nurses caught COVID-19 in Gibraltar children’s clinic outbreak

THE Minister for Health confirmed today the extent of the outbreak at the children's clinic at Europort while suggesting a surge was coming soon.

COVID-19 outbreak in Gibraltar Children Health Centre as cases rise slightly

Gibraltar now has 131 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Gibraltar, 26 of which are active while an outbreak has occurred at the Children's Health Centre.

Elderly to be locked down for one more month in Gibraltar on COVID-19 concerns

The elderly of Gibraltar will not be let out for 30 more days with the general social lockdown looking likely to continue until the end of the month.

Weather warnings for rain and storms this week across Gibraltar, Spain’s Costa del Sol and Axarquia

SPANISH State Meteorological Agency AEMET has issued yellow weather warnings across Western Andalucia this week. Gibraltar, the Costa del...

No rise in active COVID-19 cases for three days as beaches empty in Gibraltar’s ‘quietest’ Easter weekend to date

The number of recovered cases in Gibraltar continues to rise as those active stayed at 39 for three days and no breach of rules over weekend

EASTER MESSAGE: Gibraltar Governor urges strength in testing times

In light of Gibraltar COVID-19 recovery numbers rising, Acting Governor Nick Pyle urges strength during difficult times in his first ever public speech.

EASTER MESSAGE: Chief Minister appeals to Gibraltar fighting spirit

The year 2020 will be 'the year of reckoning for Gibraltar' to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow, according to the Chief Minister.

Gibraltar lockdown has stopped nearly 1,700 COVID-19 cases, says minister

The pandemic could have spread to 1,800 people rather the 127 it has infected in Gibraltar so far, said the Minister for Public Health John Cortes.

Police keep an eye on public as in-house COVID-19 testing starts in Gibraltar

The confirmed cases have risen to 123 in Gibraltar and active cases are now sitting at 63 as police make sure no one goes to the beaches this weekend.

Random tests show Gibraltar could have 3% infection of coronavirus

Confirmed cases have gone up again to 120 with half of them being active and the other half now fully recovered, a jump of 11 overnight.

Gibraltar ministers tight-lipped as COVID-19 recovery continues

Confirmed cases rose to 113 in Gibraltar, with over 1,400 have been tested 35 days since the first case of Coronavirus was announced.

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Could Gibraltar COVID-19 measures be too successful?

Stopping people leaving home could be slowing down the spread of the virus 'too much', according to the Chief Minister as active cases crept up to 57 today.

Gibraltar inventor helps create five minute COVID-19 test soon to be used on the Rock

A new COVID-19 test, which gives result in five minutes instead of eight to 12 hours will be delivered to the territory, helped by a Gibraltarian doctor.

BREAKING: Gibraltar death this week was NOT COVID-19 positive

THE 57-year-old man who died of a heart attack on Tuesday night was not suffering from COVID-19, the government revealed as cases increased again.