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HISTORY REPEATS? How the Brexit debacle reminds Charles Gomez of the Spanish American war more than 100 years ago

VIEWING the spectacle of political debate in the UK since the Brexit referendum result, I am reminded of the last days of the Spanish...

German government is paying pensions of Spanish Nazi volunteers

Parliamentary enquiry reveals German taxpayer is funding 41 Blue Division veterans' pensions

British Prime Minister David Cameron tells Catalunya: Independence means leaving the EU

He was also a staunch opponent of Scottish independence before the referendum in September last year

German PM Angela Merkel shows support for Spain PM Mariano Rajoy ahead of elections

It came as the two leaders met to discuss issues including immigration

Getting active

Douglas Chadwick of Saltydog Investor on weathering the financial storm...

The purgatory of language limbo

A little Spanish can be a dangerous thing, warns Belinda Beckett, ‘Mistress of Sizzle’, in the first of a two-parter

Big thumbs up from Germany

By columnist Mark Rickard

Merkel and Rajoy complete Camino de Santiago pilgrimage

The two leaders are now sitting down to political discussions following the scenic trek

Merkel and Rajoy to walk the Camino de Santiago

The pilgrimage will end in a political meeting

Spanish company puts new face on royals

Visionlab's new advert campaign pairs celebrities with lenses that suit them

U2 singer Bono calls on Europe to help Spain

The Irish rocker spoke about a campaign for Spain at the European People’s Party congress in Dublin


Weekend COVID-19 totals are under a SIXTH of early February figures in Spain’s Valencian Community

A total of 1,231 new COVID-19 cases were reported since last Friday in the Valencian Community according to regional health ministry figures...