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German government is paying pensions of Spanish Nazi volunteers

Division Blue
ALLIANCE: Blue Division volunteers joined Nazi cause

ANGELA Merkel’s government has admitted it is paying the pensions of 41 Spaniards injured while fighting for the Nazis.

The men were part of General Franco’s Blue Division who fought for Adolf Hitler on the eastern front during World War Two.

Division Blue
ALLIANCE: Blue Division volunteers joined Nazi cause

A letter from Angela Merkel’s government in response to a parliamentary question revealed €107,352 is paid annually by German taxpayers to the veterans, eight widows and one orphan.

Left-wing German politician Andrej Hunko said it was ‘a scandal that 70 years after the war, Germany is still paying more than €100,000 a year to Nazi collaborators’.

The agreement to pay the pensions was struck between Franco and Germany in 1962.

Around 47,000 Spaniards volunteered to fight for Hitler, with 22,000 killed, injured or listed as missing.


Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. I think that it´s innacurate to call “nazis” to the all the german soldiers and the voluntaries of the Blue Division. In the german army the people joined to the nazis was a minority. The Blue division was predominatly integrated for falangistas, a spanish version of fascism, and by a big number of voluntaries against comunism.

    The pensions payed to the spanish voluntaries are similar to the pensions payed to their german comrades, according with the laws of that country.

  2. Yes, we, the German tax payers pay EVERYTHING: the housing and integration of 1 million refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea that penetrate our country only this year, the Brit discount within the EU budget, the unification of Germany, submarines for Israel, the pension of former communist leader Erich Honecker and his wife in Chile, the pension of British and other foreign housewifes, that happened to live for some times inside Germany and during their stay gave birth to some children while paying nothing into the German pension fund, … so why not the pension of some Spanish allies to the Hitler army? The German constitution commits the German government to protect the dignity of ANY human being, not only the dignity of Germans or Spanish Anti-Nazi activists.

  3. Still at it Anselmo – 80% of Germans were members of the NationaL Socialist (sick joke or what) party. 90% of Austrians were members, so don’t go telling lies. The last Pope was a Hitler youth and his father and older brother were in the German army. They all professed to be Catholic Christians. They could have given the finger to the Nazis like other real Christians did and paid the ultimate price – after all the priests will tell you that Christians go to a place called ‘heaven’ but they did’nt. they made a cowardly choice to wear the Nazi uniform – hypocrites.

    Wolfgang – nice try but does’nt fool anyone. Germans were not made to pay any of the debts that Nazi Germany incurred. The Marshall Aid plan pumped millions into the German economy, whilst the Brits had to pay the extortion of Lease Lend and only finished paying off this onerous debt a few years ago. Germans were off rationing years before Britain. You were not made to pay for British troops stationed in Germany and they pumped millions and millions into the German economy – and still are. Why are they there, because we could’nt trust you not to go on another ‘expansion plan’ – the last one cost the lives of millions of innocent Europeans and destroyed so many beautiful cities in Europe – remember the word ‘blitkreig’.

    Pension funds – when did you contribute to the pensions of British/French/American/New Zealand/Australian?south African and other countries war widows – you did’nt.

    And now you are moaning because a stupid fat frau called Merkel opened her big mouth because German big business wants cheap foreign labour to keep it’s momentum going.
    The whole debacle of the Euro was a German idea. The interest rate was set far too low and why – to enable German industry to sell products to people who could’nt afford them in southern Europe.

    German and French banks lent money to Greece and other southern European countries knowing full well they could’nt repay. Without the massive bailouts paid for by all Europeans the German banks would have gone bust.

    Now you Germans dictate to the ordinary Greeks who were not responsible for the corruption of Greek’s elite what they must do and that they must sell off their assets to German big business.

    You Germans did’nt have to obey orders, you could easily have rounded up the Austrian and German Nazis and executed them you did’nt. Indeed many Nazis kept their positions after WW11 – you sowed the whirlwind then and your doing the same now beware that history does’nt repeat itself again – you will have no one to blame but yourselves – again.

    • According with the books of Viktor Suvorov (“Hitler the Ice Breaker of the revolution”. etc) , there was a soviet plan for the invasion of all continental Western Europe.

      In the WWII, a second edition of the WWII and a inevitable result of the “diktat” of Versailles, Germany was obligated to attack the Soviet Union. For to accomplish this it was necessary to seize the richness of France, etc.

      The blitzkrieg it´s not targeted against cities because attack to a city with terrestrial forces implies to renounce to the mobility, that is the crucial characteristic of the blitzkrieg.

      The fact of that so many Germans,as you say, was been affiliated to the Nazi Party, implies that many of them were pressed for to do it.

  4. Stuart, you still assume that Germany is ruled by Nazis? Please come to Germany and have a look how – as you say – ‘stupid fat Merkel’ is fighting against new grown racism in Eastern Germany, especially at Dresden, a city, which had been totally erased by British bombers four months before the war ended. That new racism is caused by the thousands of muslim refugees coming into Germany every day while Great Britain refuses to take only 6,000 from Calais in order to keep calm UKIP. Your generation in Great Britain could help to keep racism low in Germany if you share the refugees from Afghanistan and Syria with us.
    I apologize what Nazi-Germany has done to the world, but I personally was not able to change that, as I was born after the war had been over. Sorry, as a child I was not able to affect whether my tax is going to British war widows or elsewhere.
    Please have a look at Wikipedia and you will learn that not 80% of the German population had been members of Hitler’s party. At it’s peak times in 1943 the Nazi party had 7.9 million members. Given a population of 120 Million Germans in those days, that is 6.5% not 80%. The Nazis treated their party as an elite organization and did not want that everybody could become a member. I would agree that 80% of German population were supporters of Hitler but only a few of them had been members of his party. You say the Germans are guilty having voted for Hitler, but you deny that Greek voters are responsible for their votes for corrupt Greek elites? I can’t understand this logic.
    The Euro was not a German idea. Germany didn’t need the Euro and did not want to loose the Deutschmark. In 1990 France agreed only to German unification if Germany agreed to support the introduction of the Euro, which occured in 2002. The interest rate was set far too low not by Germany but by Italian president Draghi of European Central Bank against the protest of the German member of the ECB board. This decision gives the southern members of the EU the opportunity to grow their debt by cheap loans while the low interest rate is backed by the German economy on the global market. I personally as my fellow German tax payers suffer from those low interest rates, as every year we loose money on our bank accounts and life insurances which do not pay any interests.

  5. While the whole of Europe is bitching about who should take what refugees, the biggest, emptiest, richest, most culpable country in all this mess, is quietly keeping it’s head down and saying nowt, Yes America, that’s YOU. Do the honourable thing and take some ship-loads. Not frightened of a few Muslims are you?

  6. Wolfgang,
    sadly you typify too many Germans – you make arrogant statements that have no foundation in reality. Firstly I have worked in Germany at the end of the 70s’ early 80s’. Have German friends that are totally different to you and have studied German history from the very beginning when you first left the Steppes and invaded Celtic Europe. Germany/Austria/Czech Republic and Switzerland were all Celtic heartlands – did they teach you this at school?

    The figures for membership of the National Socialist party are a complete lie – you must realise surely that this information has been available for decades – denying reality is never a clever move.

    The Greek people had no party to vote for that was not totally corrupt – you Germans did’nt have to vote in great numbers for the Nazi party and you could easily have beaten the Brownshirts to death – you did’nt. In the UK the rightwing police were totally biased in favour of the sub human Blackshirts but many Britons fought them in the streets and suffered terrible injuries at the hands of the corrupt police – but still they fought – NON PASARAN was their slogan – do you even know where that came from?

    The German banks knew very well as did the rest of the European banks that Greek debt was toxic, so why did they lend vast sums of money – greed and the fact that they knew the ECB would bail them out, just like the scum at the Bank of England bailed out the corrupt British banks. And all this money from the ECB did’nt go to Greece it went straight to the German banks, which otherwise would have crashed and taken the German economy with them – das ist de warheit.

    You say the German people did’nt want the Euro,so what did they do to stop it. I have to say that your Engli and Saxon brothers in the UK are the same, as one would expect as you are both Aryan peoples.

    As always your comments are German centric – all European peoples are getting sod all in interest on the bank accounts – why did’nt you include them in your statement.

    German framers, along with the Dutch and Danes are destroying their counterparts in France and the UK so where is the European spirit in all this.

    Germany and Sweden said ‘come one.come all’. Did they ask or communicate with other Europeans before opening their mouths no – this is a pure arrogance and shows just how little or no respect they have for their European partners. Sweden is known as the rape capital of Europe/Scandinavia – 75% of all rapes carried out by Muslim immigrants.

    We have in the UK a horror story of hundreds and hundreds of young girls abused and treated like cattle even down to branding them and why – political correctness otherwise known by sensible people as political crap. Authorities turned a blind eye. We have Muslim schools that act as if they are in Wahabi dominated Saudi Arabia.

    You want this in Germany – you have it, we and many others in Europe will not tolerate this. Now Merkel is saying that many of these refugees are not refugees at all but economic migrants from Serbia,Kosova and Albania. Albanians especially are known traffickers of young women and they will be ejected – to where. She has also said the genuine ones can only stay for one year and they will not be allowed to bring their huge extended families with them – good luck in trying to send them home.

    America may have caused this problem in the Middle East with historical help from the UK but Germany and Sweden have made it ten times worse – don’t try and offload the problem you created onto the rest of Europe – you made it – you solve it.

    There are millions and millions waiting to get into Europe

  7. Stuart, you and I have had our differences in the past but your summary of the way fundamentalist muslim men treat women like second class citizens, together with all the other associated problems we have experienced in the UK, is spot on. How sad that people are too frightened to say what they think on this issue not to mention how it could affect them.

    People complain about gagging laws in Spain but I’ve got news for them, we also have gagging laws in the UK thanks to the PC brigade. To that end, Stuart would never have got this comment past moderation on any UK newspaper website and of course no article of this nature would ever be printed in the national press.

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