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Scientists find evidence of prehistoric drug use on Spain’s Menorca 

RESEARCHERS have found that civilizations on Menorca were using hallucinogenic drugs as far back as 3,000 years ago. The findings are based on analysis...

Traces of 6,000-year-old wine discovered in Spain’s Malaga

RESEARCHERS have discovered traces of wine in Malaga dating back to the fourth millennia BC - meaning Malagueños have been making and drinking wine...

Archaeologists uncover rare medieval synagogue in Andalucian town

An archaeological marvel dating back seven centuries has been uncovered in the south of Spain. After two years of searching archaeologists have finally uncovered...

WATCH: Archeologists unearth sanctuary dedicated to the ancient god Mithras in Spain’s Cabra

A SANCTUARY dedicated to the ancient god Mithras has been uncovered by archaeologists excavating at the Villa del Mitra in Cabra, Spain. Mithras was a...

Giant penis carving dating from Roman times discovered in Cordoba excites archaeologists in Spain

A GIANT phallic carving uncovered by archaeologists at a site in Cordoba, southern Spain is believed to be one of the largest such finds...

One of Europe’s biggest megalithic sites discovered in southern Spain while planting avocados

A SCHEME to plant a 600 hectare avocado plantation has led to the discovery of one of the biggest megalithic sites in Europe, dating...

IN PICS: Drought reveals full extent of Roman camp as reservoir waters recede in Galicia, northwestern Spain

THE archaeological remains of a Roman camp in northwestern Spain have been revealed in their entirety as water levels at the reservoir in Galicia...

Phoenician necropolis discovered during building works in Osuna in Spain’s Andalucia

LIMESTONE burial vaults dating back 2,500 years have been discovered during building works in the Andalucian town of Osuna. The rare archeological find was uncovered...

Archaeologists uncover 120,000 year-old Neanderthal camp site in Spain’s Alicante area

AN archaeological team has discovered an open air Neanderthal camp site in Alicante Province dating back around 120,000 years. Researchers from Alicante and Valencia universities...

New research on cave paintings in Spain credits children for prehistoric art

MUCH modern art may look a little sketchy to the untrained eye.  But new research has found that some of the world's earliest known art...

Human remains dating from the 17th or 18th centuries have been found in iconic hotel in Spain’s Marbella

THE refurbishment work on the iconic hotel Fuerte Marbella has brought to light human remains which, according to initial estimates, could date back to...

Dolmen de Soto Trigueros: Discover the mysterious ancient tombs of southwestern Spain

Nick Nutter shares his knowledge of the fascinating archaeological site in Huelva in Andalucia that rivals Stonehenge

Storm reveals two Roman ovens hidden for centuries beneath sand on Marbella beach in Spain’s Costa del Sol

THE easterly storm that hit the coast of Malaga last week has uncovered two ovens dating from the Roman era on the beach of...

Secret chamber discovered in Gibraltar cave sheds new light on life of Neanderthals 40,000 years ago

GIBRALTAR National Museum researchers have discovered a secret chamber that is thought to have been sealed for at least 40,000 years.   The team, led by...

Dredging up history: Galicia clean-up project could shed light on mysteries of Spanish Armada

The true aftermath of the Spanish Armada has been buried by the sands of time … until now, writes Jack Gaioni
Cave art Ardales Malaga Photo by Joao Zilhao

Neanderthals were world’s first artists, concludes study of prehistoric cave paintings in southern Spain

CREATORS of the world’s first cave art may in fact have been Neanderthals and not early man, researchers have concluded after studying pigments found...

Restoration work in Spain’s Valencia unearths children’s graves from Islamic period

AN archaeological dig in Valencia city centre has unearthed several small graves belonging to children. Experts working on the restoration of the Islamic wall in...

Archaeological dig in Valencia unearths 60 skeletons from ancient churchyard

EXCAVATION work taking place on a stretch of Islamic wall in Valencia city has unearthed 60 skeletons – and counting. Neighbours overlooking the site in...

Ancient Roman bath complex emerges from shifting sands on beach in southern Spain

Ancient Roman bath complex has been discovered beneath sand dunes on an Atlantic beach in the Cadiz province of southern Spain. Archaeologists from the University...

Medieval wall unearthed in Malaga as dig next to metro becomes largest in Spain

This structure has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), which means that it must be protected and preserved

Spain’s largest collection of fossil footprints discovered in western Andalucia

TWO biologists from the Doñana National Park have accidentally stumbled across one of the largest deposits of prehistoric footprints known in Spain. Dolores Cobo and...

Underwater museum to close for water leaks in Spain’s Murcia

THE Arqua Museum in Cartagena is to close for up to six months afterconstant water leaks have put the building’s priceless exhibits at risk. A...

New technique shows Nerja cave paintings could be much younger than thought

A new method of calcium dating has put the caves at 20,000 years old

Jerez’s archaeological museum… a must see

The Archaeological Museum of Jerez - a surprisingly exquisite, engaging and complete collection of artefacts

UPDATE: Coffin marked with Cervantes’ initials found in hunt for author’s remains

Archaeologists have unearthed the casket in an unmarked grave in Madrid

7,500-year-old axe unearthed in Gibraltar

The recent discovery by archaeologists in Gorham’s Cave has important historical implications




Man arrested for organising illegal shark and stingray fishing excursions in Spain’s Lanzarote

THE GUARDIA CIVIL have arrested a man in Lanzarote for organising illegal shark and stingray tourist fishing trips. The arrest took place on May 19...


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