EXCAVATION work taking place on a stretch of Islamic wall in Valencia city has unearthed 60 skeletons – and counting.

Neighbours overlooking the site in Angel square, located in the Carmen district, look on in amazement as the archaeologists have continued bringing to light human remains since work began in March.

In fact, the skeletons were not even the purpose of the dig, as the original aim was simply to restore the 11th century wall and place it on public display.

During a recent visit by Valencia Mayor Joan Ribo, the investigators explained that they had come across the old cemetery of the long-gone Santa Creu church.

Valencia Archaeology

The local authorities banned burials in churchyards and built the first municipal cemetery in 1805, but it now appears that the original graves at Santa Creu were not moved to the new premises.

As well as the 60 individual skeletons, workers have also discovered several boxes containing mixed human remains – with many more to come, say spokespeople for the municipal archaeology department.

The plan is to have several sections of the wall clear and available to visit by next year.


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