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Why was Winnie the Pooh banned in Spain ahead of Chinese president’s state visit this week?

Police stopped a man dressed as the lovable children’s book character from appearing in front of Xi's motorcade as he went to receive the keys to the city

Expat novel banned from Granada’s Alhambra Palace in surprise censorship

Song of Granada, by Anne Sikking, has been banned from all three of the Alhambra’s bookshops as well as the state-run hotel, The Parador

Rewriting history

New ruling allowing people to request Google remove links to stories about them is truly scary

Censorship in Spain

A new book will tell the story of censorship in Franco's Spain

James Bond just isn’t the same in Spain

Censored versions of Ian Fleming novels produced during chaste Franco era are still being reproduced today

Franco throwback

The alarming attempt to gag journalists who disagree with government policies