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Trump settles lawsuit against Spanish chef who refused to open restaurant over President’s comments on Mexicans

Celebrity chef Jose Andres decided not to open a restaurant in Trump's new International Hotel in Washington DC due to the president's comments on Mexicans

Donald Trump effigies burned at Las Fallas in Valencia

Months of painstaking work go into constructing the giant 'ninots' out of wood, plaster and papier mâché before they are burned to the ground at the festival's fiery finish

Theresa May calls Donald Trump ‘gentleman’ as she becomes first UK PM to pose for American Vogue

The feature piece sees May pose for noted photographer Annie Leibovitz while answering questions on a range of issues

Spanish chef Jose Andres leads protest against Donald Trump

The 47-year-old Spanish immigrant to the USA closed five of his Washington D.C. restaurants as part of a national ‘Day Without Immigrants.’

Rajoy and Hollande pledge to make EU unbreakable force at Malaga political summit

Mariano Rajoy and Francois Hollande outlined their commitment to leading a 'rapid programme of European integration' to pull member states closer together at a press conference in Malaga

Spanish tanks pose ‘threat to Russia’ as part of NATO mission in Latvia

SPAIN will send troops to Latvia as part of a NATO mission which Russian officials have labelled a 'threat'.  The mission to 'strengthen Latvian security' will include...

Britain and the US march lockstep into yesterday

BLOG: America and the UK are going through an identical change... now comes the politics, writes Ashley Andrews

WATCH: ‘America first, Spain second?’ Hilarious video message to US president Donald Trump

The clip attempts to 'appeal' to Trump by highlighting its racist history and insisting that the Spanish are 'definitely not Mexican'

Rajoy offers to become Trump’s Europe and Latin America middleman in first official call

Mariano Rajoy made the commitment in an official telephone conversation last night, the first between the two parties since Trump came to power

Malaga avocado exports under threat from Donald Trump’s Mexico tax

Malaga produces 50,000 tonnes of avocados a year, most of which are exported to other parts of Europe

Trump slammed for dropping Spanish from official website

"This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish"

Obama to holiday at US ambassador to Spain’s mansion after leaving White House

The Obama family will travel to Costos’ 11,000-square-foot home in Thunderbird Heights after Donald Trump’s inauguration later today

‘Wilful damage’

HAPPY new year to you ALL! It's around a month now since the 8 December edition of the BBC's Question Time from Maidenhead. You can catch...

The impact of The Donald Trump’s shock US presidential victory

Because, if you are as much of a social media animal as I am, the shock of The Donald's election has been a veritable tsunami, setting friends and family against each other in a way not seen since the American Civil War

The knock-on effects of the Brexit vote in Gibraltar

Millennials and those born at the end of Generation X (i.e. 1980's - 2000) can consult their history books and older people with bad memories can do so too

British expats in Spain toast Donald Trump presidential victory with champagne breakfast

Torre del Mar cafe owners celebrate USA election result

Spanish restaurant offers Trump Tower Burgers and Clinton burgers with ‘lies’ ahead of US election

Needless to say it doesn’t take a politics degree to figure out who the owners are backing

Miss Spain comes out as first national gay beauty queen

Miss Spain posted a picture of herself with her new partner on Instagram





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