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Perfect Blue Monday pick-me-up for staff at Spanish estate agent, which hands out eggs to employees

Owner Longden has lived in the area since 1973 and currently has a farm in Daya Nueva

Spain’s 30 million caged egg-laying hens mean it is worst in EU for animal welfare

The EU average stands at just 52%, while other countries in the 28-member bloc, like Germany and the Netherlands have just 10% of their total eggs coming from furnished cages

Huge egg and flour fight in Alicante to celebrate Day of the Innocents

The 200-year-old tradition, known as Els Enfarinats (those covered in flour), sees participants dress in military clothes and stage a mock coup d’etat outside the town hall in Ibi

Remember eggs?

Bartie wonders what the 'health fascists ' will pick on next

Egg timing

Proteins found in egg white can help us stay alert at work

Spanish eggs blamed for salmonella poisoning in UK

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) claims that a supplier in Spain may be linked to 136 cases this year

Spain to ban battery hens

Farmers will have to switch to so-called ‘enriched’ cages or a free range system by January 2012

Does it costa bit more in Spain?

For most people, living in Spain certainly trumps life back in the UK, but is it still as cheap as we once thought it was? Andrew Pearce and Asha Stuttard whipped out their calculators, pencils and notepads to shed further light on the price-playing field.

Deadly eggs

Spanish eggs blamed for UK deaths